Facelift coming soon

Whew!!! It’s been a crazy (let me rephrase that: WONDERFULLY CRAZY) last six months. The launch and establishment of The Wine Company’s website and blog is done (The Wine Company is my daytime employer and hands down the best and coolest distributor in town). I’ve also launched Minnesota Flavor which is expanding my world of […]

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The cost of a wine vs. the value of a wine

On the wholesale side of the business, the pricing of wine by the gigantic wineries and companies is a strange, mysterious art form. These big companies know this best, which explains why a mass production wine is $13.99 at one store and $7.99 at another (or $5.99 in New Jersey).  Sliding scales, quantity buys (in states […]

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New kid on the block: The Savvy Lush

Out of nowhere, a spirited young woman named Allison has hit the wine scene. Welcome The Savvy Lush to the Twin Cities wine world. She’s a good one to have here. Not everybody understands the balance between being knowledgeable and being boastful. (Or, to put it another way, there are a few bad eggs in […]

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Semillion at Oxford Landing

The changing face of Aussie wine

The wines of Australia and New Zealand have never been better, but ironically they have never so ignored. Australia is suffering an identity crisis, a victim of their own success.  For many years it seemed the Aussie wine train was unstoppable, and as soon as one label became successful suddenly a dozen imitators followed suit.  […]

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