Local Wine lists: Luci Ancora

Last night we walked up to Luci Ancora for dinner (or I should say down … it’s all downhill from our house).  I’ve been there many times for wine business lunches, but haven’t been for dinner in a couple of years.  Also, since for most lunches I’m there with a winemaker or winery rep, there has been no reason to browse the wine list.  Thus, I haven’t been keeping up with what they have been doing.

Upon looking at the list, I immediately put Luci Ancora (and the sister restaurant Ristorante Luci) on my short list of favorite wine lists in town. Not because it’s big … quite the opposite.  Like Restaurant Alma, the Luci Ancora list is small, tight, carefully curated, and incredibly well priced.  Chateau Musar from Lebanon for only $34?  Three different offerings of St. Innocent Pinot Noir and none over $50?  Shut the front door!

(note to readers: I meant to bring the wine list home to give you more details but left it behind.  I’ll follow up with more info soon)

One of my favorite parts was the by the glass list, which other restaurants could do well to emulate.  A handful of good selections for $6, and some incredible selections for around $8-14 a glass.  Better yet, every wine offered by the glass was also available in a half bottle, which simply came in a small carafe. I like that touch, for our table able to taste two half bottles and two other glasses over the course of the meal.  Glasses of wine were served in Riedel Overture Red and Pinot Noir glasses … though I didn’t see all wine in the restaurant being served in Riedel.

Many thanks to the Smith family for giving us a gem of a restaurant that has stood the test of time!

Cost for three people, two half bottles, two more glasses, three antipasto courses, three primo courses, one secondo course, one dessert, and two espresso =$133.67 before tip.  Pretty damn good in my opinion.

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