Updates July 13, 2013: SOMM the movie, Chianti class, Spit-tacular at Bastille Day, more

Summer is finally upon us full force. What a great week in the Twin Cities for picnics, rose’, grilling, friends, and laughter. So what was one of my favorite moments of this insanely beautiful week? It was sitting in a dark and air conditioned room watching the new movie SOMM, a documentary about four brave souls going for their Master Sommelier diploma from the Court of Master Sommeliers.

It’s a fantastic documentary (and I’m a doc nut) and especially enjoyable if you’re in the wine business. I tried hard to get the wine released early to Minneapolis … we had visions at The Wine Company of renting a theatre and having a gigantic wine event tied to it, but alas the producers and director were extremely hard to communicate with. I’m happy to report that local wine superstar April Amys was able to organize a wine event around SOMM last Monday night at St. Anthony Main. The movie has since moved on, but is available on iTunes (which is how I got my hands on it). Maybe we should do a Twin Cities Wine screening of the film? Hmmmmm……

One week from today, Saturday July 20th, I’m doing a very rare summer wine class at Scusi Restaurant and Wine Bar, focusing on the wines of Chianti and Chianti Classico. We’ve done two of these events before, to help kick off new wine flights at my local favorite Italian restaurant. This one will feature three gems from the Badia a Coltibuono property, a lengthy discussion about Chianti wine laws, life in Tuscany, food and wine pairings, labeling laws, and more. We’ll start at 3pm sharp and end around 4pm (ironically right when the Wine Bar opens and happy hour begins). Click here for details and registration.

Hot summer day? Humidity inching up? What to drink? White Port and Tonic is the drink of choice this summer. Trust me on this one. Hat-tip to John Garland for the lead.

Two announcements in the world of fun small to mid sized restaurants (the kind we should embrace as much as we can): the prolific Hector Ruiz of Cafe Ena and Rincon 38 is opening yet another restaurant in the south Minneapolis neighborhood that he’s dominating. Hector knows his stuff, I just hope the flavors at the new place can differentiate enough from the other two restaurants. The second restaurant item of note is Jill Wilson has sold Cafe 128 near St. Thomas, so rush in now to enjoy some of the more famous ribs in town.

Tomorrow is the Bastille Day Block Party next to Cafe Barbette, and at 3:40 and 4:45 yours truly will be participating in the second annual wine spit-a-thon, complete with trick spitting and other hilarious forms of exportations. Come and watch and enjoy … Lucy Michelle is playing between the two spitting events. Free!




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