Boooo City Pages #WhatAboutWine?

The much anticipated Best of the Twin Cities issue of City Pages just hit the stands. I grabbed it fast and rushed to the Food and Drink section, eager to see who is getting some deserved props.

In years past this issue has always done a pretty good job. In 2017 Troubadour won Best Wine Bar — a no-brainer. In 2015 Spoon and Stable got accolades for Best Wine List (here’s my take on that original wine program). In 2014 Terzo swept up awards including Best Wine Bar, won the previous year by the just recently closed King’s Wine Bar.

The deep dive is especially fun: in 2006 they awarded Best Wine Bar to Riverview, Best Wine List to La Belle Vie, and Best Wine Shop to Hennepin-Lake Liquors (“Yes, the aisles are Lilliputian and the parking lot a compelling argument against conceal-and-carry, but shopping here affords you a real wine education, one bottle at a time.”)

So with amazement and some confusion I went through the pages of the 2018 issue and saw not a mention of wine at all. No talk of wine bars. No talk of wine lists. No talk of our amazing wine scene.

No mention of the incredible women leading the charge in our local wine industry (Brie, Erika, Nancy, Nikki, April, Shar, Erica, Annette, Vanessa, Patty, Kristin, and so many more).

No mention of wine at all.

No mention of our great independent wine shops. Pick one, they all would deserve the win: Brightwines, Stinson, Solo Vino, Thomas, Zipps, North Loop, South Lyndale, Surdyk’s, The Wine Shop, Cork Dork, Sunfish Cellars … the list goes on and on and on.

And nothing even as simple as “Best Minnesota Winery” even though it’s clear they pushed the advertising pavement hard (Crow River Winery has a full page ad, Saint Croix Vineyards a half page).

Yet here are all the bar categories: Best Bartender, Best Bar Food, Best Happy Hour (after work), Best Happy Hour (late night), Best Neighborhood Bar (St. Paul), Best Neighborhood Bar (Minneapolis), Best Late Night Eats, Best Pub, Best Dive Bar, Best Sports Bar, Best Party Bar, Best New Bar, Best Bar Trend, Best Beer Trend, Best Taproom, Best Beer Selection at a Bar.

And yet nothing about wine.

Add to that: Best Beer, Best Beer Limited Release, Best Cocktails, Best Martini, Best Bloody Mary, Best Margarita, Best Speakeasy, and Best Liquor Store (congrats to Zipps).

And yet nothing about wine. Even during the Zipp’s “Best Liquor Store” review.

No wine bars.

No wine lists.

No wine buyers or sommeliers.

If you find this odd please join me in contacting them, and use the hashtag #WhatAboutWine. You can fill out their contact form on their website. You can find them on Facebook and send a message. You can reach out directly through twitter @citypagesfood. Lastly email the food editor directly via emily.cassel@citypages.com.

I think it’s important they hear our voices. They need to know that not everybody is only about craft beer and smoke infused bourbon chemistry shows. Let’s get our categories back next year!

Remember: #WhatAboutWine

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