What I’m drinking now: Mont Gravet from southwestern France


Mont Gravet White and Red
from Cotes de Gascogne, Southwestern France
Price: Around $10 a bottle

I highlighted these wines earlier in the summer, but I want to mention them again.

Bargain wines from the countryside of France are common. What is not common is to have them taste great.

Here are two true gems. The Mont Gravet white is made from Colombard and Ugni Blanc if I remember right. Regardless of what the ‘ingredients’ are, the white is crisp, racy, bright, zippy, and just plain happy juice. Dry as a desert. On these final days of summer, a wine like this is a joy when the angle of the sun is just right to warm you up on the deck.

Then when the sun sets and the cool breezes kick in, pop a bottle of the red wine, made with one of my favorite grapes, Carignane. This might be the best wine for simple grilled food that I’ve found this year. Stock up on some great handmade brats from the likes of Lowry Hill Meats, Clancey’s, or Widmer’s, pop this little gem, and live the good affordable (and delicious) life for a night.

I bought mine at Thomas Liquors, but you can readily find this at most good independent shops. The wholesaler is Bourget Imports, so call them at 651-224-2620 to find out where to procure near you.

Please note: Twin Cities Wine Education never has any skin in the game. We highlight the wines we love, and we receive no kickbacks for letting you know about them. Zero, period. We buy our wines, we drink our wines, and pass along advice on what we think will improve your wine life. Simple as that.

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