Tell your wine when you’ll set it free!

Your wine wants to be enjoyed.That’s why it exists.But a great problem for many wine lovers is stockpiling so much wine that bottles are forgotten, left to die a slow fading death without ever breathing fresh air. A shame.

Here’s what we do to solve that problem in our cellar.

We tell the wine, early in its life, when exactlyit gets to be freed from the bottle and enjoyed. Over many years, with constant replenishing, we buy special bottles for special occasions. When they go into the cellar, we put a neck tag on the bottle with the date we will open it.

So the bottle we are drinking tonight for Angela’s birthday? It’s a 2006 Alain Graillot “La Guiraude” Crozes-Hermitage, a favorite wine from a favorite producer.

When did we put this in our cellar? That’s on the back of the tag: March 1, 2009.

Yep, ten years ago we picked out the wine for tonight.

Not only is this a great way to build a cellar, but also a great way to assure you drink the wines at the right times for the right reasons. No random popping of corks, especially late at night after too many other wines. Nope, this is the special section for the special occasions in life.

We have wines set aside and planned out for birthdays until 2035, anniversaries until 2031, major holidays for the next ten years, and quite a few wines labeled just for random fun. For instance, a 2009 German Riesling from a favorite producer is set aside for July 12th2028. Why that date? Why not?

Buy some tags, start setting aside some wine, and promise your bottles when you’ll set them free!

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