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All about the Four on the Fourth program

Every month, Chuck Kanski and I put together a four-pack of great wines around a central topic.

The Four on the Fourth” box is released on the 4th of every month and is available for ordering through our websites or as a grab-and-go at special pricing for the entirety of the month. It’s a fun way to stock your wine rack and simultaneously learn more. Win, win!

Here’s a video that explains things a bit!

What you can expect from the “Four on the Fourth” wine selections

We will always choose wines around a central theme. Sometimes it’s a winery, sometimes it’s a grape, sometimes it’s a region. But there will be a central idea around all four wines.

Each wine will be from producers that we know, that we trust, and that are held up to our standards of integrity in terms of farming, family, and the future.

All wines will overdeliver. Bang for the buck is always the goal!

And finally, it’s ALWAYS about wine that make us giggle, smile, and dance. Wine should be fun, and every release of Four on the Fourth will adhere to this litmus test. Strike the pose! Hit the dance floor!

Thank you, everyone! Enjoy your wines!

Chuck and Jason