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Tell your wine when you’ll set it free!

Your wine wants to be enjoyed.That’s why it exists.But a great problem for many wine lovers is stockpiling so much wine that bottles are forgotten, left to die a slow fading death without ever breathing fresh air. A shame. Here’s what we do to solve that problem in our cellar. We tell the wine, early […]

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The joy of blind tasting

Two nights ago I conducted a fantastic class called “Battle of the Cabernets”.  It was a great event, and an eye-opener for everybody involved. I’m not a fan of blind tasting in the way that most approach it.  I don’t like being handed a glass of wine with somebody asking “What do you think it […]

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The Ultimate Wine Cellar

I taught a great Ultimate Intro to Wine Class last night … a fun group, great questions, good energy (it’s always the students that really make the class).  One of the topics we talked about is the role of the wine cellar in historical context and present definition. In the past, when many wines were […]

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Drinking wine on a snowy day

Image is from the wonderful not to be missed Dr. Vino blog (Tyler Coleman) who has an another good story of wine and snow. I awoke early this morning, looked out the window, and smiled.  It’s a snowday. The predictions are in the range of 15 to 24 inches of the white stuff, with strong […]

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