Exclusive offer: 4/27/2023 — German showstoppers at 50% off (including two reds)

Offer available through Monday, 5/1/2023, or as inventory lasts.

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Hi everyone –

Get ready. This is a good one.

What we’ve got this week: 50% off five amazing German wines

This week is an incredible opportunity at five wines, all at a legit 50% off. Each of the wines is spectacular, and each is distinctive. The brands are moving from one wholesaler to another, and rather than transferring inventory they made us an offer we couldn’t refuse. All discounting is being fully passed onto you! We don’t have a lot of any of them, so grab ’em while you can at these discounted prices.

Note: almost all the tasting notes and pairing ideas came from Angela. We were tasting through the wines and she was hitting every pitch out of the park. Thanks honey!

Prinzsalm “Two Princes” Riesling 2018

10.0% ABV. Region: Rheinhessen.

Get this: the winery was founded in 1200. It’s the oldest family-run winery in all of Germany. The 32nd generation is now at the helm. That’s seriously cool.

And it also helps that the wine is INCREDIBLE. I haven’t had a Riesling this good in years. Honestly.

A super complex aroma shoots out of the glass, loaded with apple and pear aromas and a touch of petrol, one of the hallmarks of Riesling for many. Punchy and fresh, complex and layered. Like a perfect fruit salad with a touch of lemon curd. Is there sweetness? Yes, of course … the same way there is sweetness in an apple and that sweetness is different than sweetness from a Twinkie (hat tip to Terry Theise). This is seriously good.

Perfect pairing: Coconut shrimp with sweet and spicy slaw!

Weingut Johannishof “Charta” Riesling 2018

11.5% ABV. Region: Rheingau.

The awesomeness continues with this wine. Note the slightly higher alcohol level, indicating a slightly drier style overall.

Much less petrol than the previous wine, but loaded instead with wet river stone aromas on top of the ripe apple and complex orchard fruits. Minerally and clean with a stony and long finish. When people talk about Riesling being terroir-driven and terroir-inspired, this is the kind of wine they are talking about. You can almost literally taste the vineyard! So cool!

Perfect pairing: Breaded pork cutlets with lime!

Pflüger is a biodynamic winery farming 40 hectares in the Pfalz. They’re well known for their attention to detail, care of the vineyards, and for using horses for all the farm work (as depicted on the labels). These are honest, true, and hand-crafted wines.

Pflüger Pinot Blanc “Quartzite” Trocken 2020

13.0% ABV. Region: Pfalz.

Pinot Blanc (also known in Germany as Weissburgunder) is being planted more and more in Germany as the temperatures are increasing. We love Pinot Blanc, for it expresses a forwardness of orchard fruit along with citrus.

Tasting note: Apples! Rich orchard fruit. Apples and pears galore. Creamy aroma, which gets thrown as a curveball after tasting. Stunning minerality and polish, with a super long and dry finish. Touch of citrus pith or peel. Yum!

Perfect pairing: a ginger citrus salad. This wine could actually hold up to such flavors! And it would also be PERFECT with scallops!

Pflüger Pinot Noir Trocken “Buntsandstein” 2019

ABV: 13.0%. Region: Pfalz.

Did you know Germany is the number three producer by volume of Pinot Noir? France is number one. The USA is number two. And out of the blue, thanks to global warming, is Germany. The Germans LOVE their red wines and some of the top Pinots we’ve had in the last three years have been from Germany. They have lots of competition out there, of course, and because most wine shops are set up by country of origin, wines like this get completely lost.

Tasting note: The color is great — garnet / theater seat red (you know what I mean). Aromas of classic cherry with an unexpected undercurrent of lilac blossom. The flavor is bold but balanced, smooth and silky, delicate but present. Does all of that sound like a bit of a contradiction? Welcome to complex wine! Add a whiff and taste of dried tobacco and this is SINGING! MIGHT BE THE BEST UNDER $20 PINOT OF THE YEAR. Beauty and brains all in one package!

Perfect pairing (via Angela): “There isn’t a charcuterie board on the planet that wouldn’t go well with this!”

Pflüger Pinot-St. Laurent Trocken “Friedelsheimer” 2019

14.0% ABV. Region: Pfalz.

And now for something completely different …

Here’s a blend of Pinot Noir and the Austrian grape St. Laurent.

Never heard of St. Laurent? No worries … it’s a totally under the radar variety that is what we call a ‘secret wine weapon’ due to consistently high quality and versatility with food.

From Winesearcher:

Saint Laurent wines tend to be dark purple in color, structured yet silky with a characteristic dark-cherry flavor (similar to Pinot Noir). Blackberries, smoke and spice are also commonly exhibited. The wines are often matured in oak and show good aging ability.


This is 14% ABV, which means these grapes were RIPE when picked, which is a new thing that Germany is kinda embracing. Plump and smoky, with some intense flavors and a big personality. Forest floor and blackberry and plum and licorice. Incredibly fun, and a wine the shape-shifts with every whiff (always a good sign to me).

Perfect pairings: dry rub barbecue ribs, or Taleggio Mac-and-cheese.

WOW this wine is good.

Buying advice

This is a pretty incredible offer. All wines are a legit 50% off the regular price, and they are for sure the lowest prices anywhere in the country. Stock up a bit on these wines, because deals like this don’t come around often.

Orders placed will be available for pickup Wednesday next week.

Thank you, everyone! We couldn’t do this without you!

Jason Kallsen
Sommelier and founder/owner of Twin Cities Wine Education

Offer is open now until Monday at 6:00pm central, or as inventory lasts.

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