Exclusive offer: 5/19/2023 — 50% off a favorite Champagne (no joke)

Offer available through Monday, 5/22/2023, or as inventory lasts.

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Artisanal Champagne at under $40 a bottle?
In this inflationary economy? Is this for real?

Hi everyone –

Short and sweet offer this week.

One wine.

One … incredible … wine.

At a totally legit 50% off.

This is one of our favorite Champagnes, one that we offered last September as well (at a higher price). But out of the blue we were able to acquire a pile of cases for 50% off and through this offer we’re passing every penny saved onto you.

What’s going on here?

Things like this happen for strange reasons. In this instance, the importer/distributor is about to move to a new warehouse with a smaller footprint. The larger ownership corporation decided it’s better to let loose (at a loss) a bunch of wines rather than find space for them in the new location.

Of course, the distributor has to be fair about it and offer it to the whole market. Which is exactly what happened but we happened to be watching our inbox at just the right time. We grabbed as many cases as we could before the pile evaporated.

About this producer: Laherte Frères Champagne

Lahertte Frères is a personal favorite Champagne house of mine. We featured them in our Champagne Masterclass in 2019, the last one before the pandemic hit, and this wine was the star of the show.

This is a very traditional, very hands-on Champagne operation. Founded 140 years ago by the Laherte family (which is on generations 6 and 7 of running the show), they own about 25 acres across the Côte de Blanc and the Marne Valley. The former is home to the best Chardonnay in the region, while the latter is all about Meunier, which this house specializes in.

All farming is done using traditional techniques without chemical interventions. All vine selections and replantings are through massale selections (meaning they take their favorite existing vines and propagate them themselves, resulting in a ratcheting up of vine quality with every generation of re-planting).

In other words, this is a Champagne house doing everything right. We have enjoyed their wines for about the last five years and in many ways the quality, amazingly, gets better and better.

From Vinous:

There’s a lot to explore in these new releases from Laherte. Most of the wines are a bit softer than usual, which is probably a reflection of the warmer base vintages in many of the bottlings. What I admire most about these Champagnes is their purity and singularity of expression. Varietal and site character are always front and center. Organic/biodynamic farming and a minimalist approach in the cellar inform these wonderfully distinctive Champagnes. It’s next to impossible to choose favorites in this range.

Laherte Frères Rosé de Meunier Extra Brut

100% Meunier with 2.5g dosage (Very much in the dry end of the Brut category, which allows up to 12g dosage to still use the label “Brut”). Stunning style and balance, and an amazing introduction to the new wave of Meunier-embracing producers that are getting all the attention from Champagne geeks today.

The production blend is 30% macerated Meunier, 60% white wine (immediately pressed Meunier), and 10% still red Meunier. Alcoholic fermentation takes place in vats, foudres, and barrels. Partial malolactic fermentation keeps the flavors round while also preserving the snap of flavor.

The wine we are offering here is the most recent disgorgement, fresh as can be. Which also means there are no reviews yet out on this particular disgorgement, but the previous two will give you a sense of what to expect (reviews below from Vinous):

Buying advice

This is a stock-up no-brainer. The opportunity to buy Champagne of this caliber at this price is simply unheard of. The wine was incredible at its normal $60+ price. At half off, grab it while you can.

Think ahead: birthdays, anniversaries, reunions, gifts, even planning ahead for New Year’s Eve. YOU WILL NOT REGRET GRABBING MULTIPLE BOTTLES OF THIS WINE!

Thank you, everyone! We couldn’t do this without you!

Jason Kallsen
Sommelier and founder/owner of Twin Cities Wine Education

Offer is open Friday thru Monday, or as inventory lasts.
The wines will be packed and ready for you on Wednesday.

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