Exclusive offer: 6/17/2022 – Rosé Inflation Fighters

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This week, following an incredibly successful Rosé Extravaganza last Wednesday night, we present three outstanding pink wines that will give you some serious joy for the season. All three of these fall into what we are terming the INFLATION FIGHTER category, which will be part of every offer for next few months.

Here we go!

Villa Wolf Pinot Noir Rosé 2021, Pflaz, Germany


Consistently one of our favorite pink wines (has been for 10 years) this showed the power of bang for the buck during the Rosé Extravaganza, coming in #2 of the most popular wines in the show.

Did you know that Germany is the third largest producer of Pinot Noir in the world? Twenty years ago they were number nineteen! What happened? Two words: climate change. The Germans love their red wines, and Pinot Noir is the first to be planted when the climate is warm enough, so the Germans got to work. Today, some of the best Pinot Noirs nobody knows about are coming from Germany. We’ve tried a bunch of these wines (that cost $50-100 a bottle) and they compete with the best of Burgundy and Willamette, but none are available yet in the US. In due time this will change, but if you’re a Pinot Noir lover consider a trip to Germany before the rest of the world finds out about this.

Anyway, onto this wine. Incredible vibrant pink color, springtime in a bottle. Aromas are uplifting and floral-meets-grapefruit, with a taste that is bright, life-affirming, and kinda … perfect.

Escapada Rosé 2021, Lisboa, Portugal


The most popular wine at the Rosé Extravaganza!

You know what I fan I am of Portuguese wines. In terms of bang-for-the-buck, there is no better country to seek out today. One of the best things about Portuguese wineries is that even the largest winery is small. I don’t remember the specific numbers but I read somewhere that Gallo makes more wine in a day than the country of Portugal makes in a year. Don’t hold me to that, but it may be correct.

The Lisboa region of Portugal is around the city of Libson. What are the grapes? I don’t know and I don’t care. Portugal wines are often made with indigenous grapes, from old vines, from old vineyards, tended by families that have been on one spot for generations.

This wine? Like the Villa Wolf, bright and lively. Lip-smacking. Refreshing. Clean acidity. Yum! Simple as that. Stock up.

La Nevera Rosé “Number One” 3L Box


We have tried about twelve boxed rosé so far this year, and this is the best.

The La Nevera brand (they make a white, rosé, and red) is owned by one of our favorite importers, Olé and Obrigato. 100% Garnacha (Grenache), made in a fresh and bright style.

From the producer’s website:

La Nevera is a fun, delicious wine produced from sustainably-grown grapes in central northern Spain. La Nevera comes in a box-wine format. The advantages of box wine are many. In addition to the savings of glass, corks, etc. ,the greatest advantage is that once you open the box, the wine does not go bad and stays in perfect form for up to one year when stored properly. La Nevera is produced from Monchi’s estate own vineyards. Monchi’s family has been farming grapes for many generations. La Nevera Rosado is 100% Garnacha and aged in stainless steel tanks. If you like youthful wines that are vibrant and uncomplicated, this bright, zesty rosé will charm you! Perfect to drink on its own or with any food that is light and uncomplicated such as chinese bbq, seafood platters, charcuterie and salads.

TASTING NOTES (from producer):

Vivid, pale pink. Floral, stony and fresh on the nose, with scents of wild strawberry, raspberry, and red currant. Spicy and lively, the red fruit flavors showing good intensity and excellent clarity. Expands and gains power through the finish, with bright acids providing a firm, bright edge.


The big summer heat is here, rosé season is in full swing, and it’s time to stock up. Let’s fight the inflation together and raise a glass to the greatness of Minnesota summers!

Thank you, everyone! Please spread the word about our Friday offers!

Jason Kallsen
Sommelier, founder of Twin Cities Wine Education

This offer has been completed. Thank you for your interest.

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