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A little background on this topic of richer-styled rosé

Rosé season is in full swing. We’re feeling the heat of summer and the weight of the dew points. It’s time to grab a great glass of pink wine and enjoy every second of that most elusive of Minnesota seasons: summertime!

More and more often, that glass of rosé is a pale shade of pink, otherwise known as the “Provencal style.” In Provence, a huge percentage of the grape harvest is dedicated to dry pink wines and they are often produced in this lighter style, with just a whisper of color. This style and look have been embraced by rosé producers, ending up in a self-fulling prophecy: there are more and more lightly colored wines, which makes that style more popular, which makes more producers go toward that style, and so on and such forth.

In other words, there is suddenly a lack of variety in the rosé section.

This week’s offer is here to change that and to beat the drum for a style that not only can bring some variety to your summer drinking but (as you’ll read) go even better many summertime dishes than the Provencal style.

To review: how rosé is made

This leads to the four styles of rosé

So why seek out a richer style of rosé?

Three good reasons:

  1. VARIETY – We’ve been noticing a ‘sameness’ in many rosé wines this year made in the lighter-bodied styles. It seems many producers are going for a certain flavor and mouthfeel at the expense of grape varieties and terroir. I like to drink wine that has a sense of place and grape, and I’m finding that more often in the richer styles of pink wines.
  2. FOOD FRIENDLINESS (bold flavors) – We love grilled food (as you read in last week’s offer) and the concentrated and strong flavors you’ll find in grilled food need a wine that will hold up to them. The lighter style just doesn’t work as well if you’re talking burgers, brats, and ribs.
  3. FOOD FRIENDLINESS (world flavors) – Lately we’re doing a ton more cooking involving Indian, Mexican, and Thai flavors. The lighter styles of rosé tend to get beat up when paired with these flavors, but all three of this week’s wines work wonderfully.

Three Wine Company Old Vines Rosé 2021

Three Wine Company is the winery of Matt Cline, brother to Fred Cline of Cline Winery in Sonoma. Back in the 1970s when the brothers were starting to get into the grape-growing business they happened upon some amazing old vineyards in Contra Costa County (due east of San Francisco just 30 to 40 miles).

These were vineyards originally planted by the first wave of Italian immigrants, and stand today as some of the oldest vines in the state. These are gnarly head-pruned yoda-like vines that produce tiny amounts of outstanding fruit.

This 2021 Old Vines Rosé is 79% Carignane and 21% Zinfandel. Of the three wines offered this week, this one has the most acidity while maintaining the richer style. I can’t help but imagine having a really good grilled pizza with this wine, or richer seafood like sea bass or halibut. Deep aromas of raspberry, tangerine, cherry, and tea leaf. Super delicious!

Miner Family Rosé of Sangiovese 2021

This is one of my favorites every year. Sangiovese makes for outstanding rosé in general due to the higher acidity of the grape (this is why Pinot Noir rosé can be so good as well). Up in Mendocino County, there are tiny pockets of old Sangiovese vines that make killer juice, and the Gibson Ranch is one of them.

As you can tell by the color, this is rich and savory in style but still has a backbone of acidity to frame the wine. Ripe cherry and pomegranate dominate the aromas, with an instant wave of rosé happiness that is impossible to shake after a sip.

This is our go-to rosé for roast chicken. I love bone-in chicken thighs in particular, covered with our secret rub. Want the secret rub recipe? Here you go!

One part kosher salt, one part peppercorns, one part dried fennel, and a healthy dash of dried oregano. Blend together in a spice grinder until powder. Use generously on poultry.

This wine with that spice mixture is a perfect food and wine combination!

Domaine des Carteresses Tavel 2020

If you’ve never had a Tavel, it’s time to change that!

Tavel is a small AOC in the Southern Rhône Valley of France, located a stone’s throw from Chateauneuf-du-Pape. It’s one of the only wine regions in the world that only makes rosé. That’s right: no white wines, no red wines. Only pink wines.

In other words, Tavel is the home to some of the most serious dry pink wines of the world.

A little secret: most Tavel doesn’t show very well when young. It’s not like they need years to come together, but a bit of time really unlocks these gems. So if I had a 2021 and a 2020 Tavel in front of me, I’d reach for the 2020 right away.

This wine is showing, right now, totally on point. Tavel brings forth more complex aromas and bigger flavor profiles than most rosé, with a personality that can handle red meats (especially lamb). The blend is 50% Grenache, 15% Mourvedre, 13% Clairette, 12% Picpoul, and 10% Syrah.


In terms of what to buy, it’s simple: buy them all. Each has its own personality and each will give you a huge amount of satisfaction anytime this year (in fact, all of these would be great with a Thanksgiving meal if you still have it in the wine rack in November).

In terms of serving, this style of rosé serves best cool but not cold. So take it out of the fridge for a bit or just take your time drinking them and let the wine warm up in the glass. Around 45 or 50 degrees is ideal.

No matter what you choose, all of these wines will help you expand your rosé collection and enjoyment, guaranteed.

Thank you, everyone! Please spread the word about our Friday offers!

Jason Kallsen
Sommelier, founder of Twin Cities Wine Education

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