Four on the Fourth with Solo Vino: May 2022 (Left Coast Wine Cellars)


May can be a tricky month. The first days of May 2022 were in the 40s here in the Twin Cities, but Memorial Day weekend of 2018 it was over 100 degrees. What’s a wine drinker to do?

Head to Oregon, that’s what you do! The beautiful place where Pinot Gris, Chardonnay, and Pinot all excel.

We decided to focus on one winery for this pack, for a few reasons. First and foremost, Left Coast Winery rocks. They are family owned and operated, and winemaker Joe is one of the coolest dudes in Willamette Valley. Second, they farm by the standards we want: sustainable, salmon-safe, solar panels, the whole works. Third, their wines are really all about pairing with food. While some producers in Willamette (usually owned by larger companies) are going the route of ‘please the masses,’ wineries like Left Coast (and St. Innocent, Bethel Heights, Eyrie, Knudsen, and many others) are going the route of classic styles that really awaken with foods.

In the video, we explain it all. The detail of the Pinot Gris, the beauty of their Chardonnay, the too-cool-for-school White Pinot Noir, and their banging Pinot Noir Estate.

Learn more about the winery at their website:

Thank you, everyone!

Chuck and Jason

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