Holiday Season 2023: WINE CELLAR IN A BOX

Offer available through Saturday, 12/9/2023

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The TCWE Wine Cellar in a Box is a curated collection of twelve wines that cover a spectrum of styles, allowing you to have an instant wine cellar that can handle any situation of wine, food, and guest’s personal tastes. This collection has something for everyone, from awesome sparkling wine to a delicious dessert wine.

All twelve wines are gems, representing what we want to support through TCWE: family ownership, land stewardship, and distinctive high quality. These outstanding wines will bring you or the recipient much joy over the next year.

Wine education is included! Each case comes with printed wine notes, food pairing suggestions, and a QR code leading to videos, technical information on the wines, and more.

The twelve categories in the collection are:

  • Affordable and awesome sparkling
  • Light-bodied and high-acid white
  • Aromatic white
  • Fuller-bodied white, non-Chardonnay
  • Chardonnay
  • Orange wine
  • Light-bodied red, non-Pinot Noir
  • Pinot Noir
  • European red, old-school
  • Under the radar red
  • New World red
  • Dessert wine

Where did this list come from? It’s from our “Perfect little wine cellar” cheat sheet, which is included with each box and explains our thoughts behind each category.

How this works

Fill out the form below, it’s as simple as that. The $30 per case deposit covers the TCWE work on the project, including clean packaging (a nice new box with easy carry handles … not a repurposed used branded box), the creation of the notes and education materials, and the labor to put it all together.

In early December, Solo Vino will invoice you for the wine, which will be $240 plus tax, after significant discounts on the wines (which will cover your deposit … see how slick this is?). Easy to pay online.

Then swing by Solo Vino anytime after December 11th to pick up your cases!

A perfect gift for the wine lovers in your life

Think about family, friends, neighbors, clients, and more. This makes for an unforgettable gift for which they will thank you with every bottle popped.

Orders are taken until December 9th, 2023.

Thank you!

Jason Kallsen
Sommelier and founder/owner of Twin Cities Wine Education

Wine Cellar In A Box 2023 – deposit form

This is the reservation and deposit form for the TCWE “Wine Cellar in a Box 2023” offer. Your $30 deposit covers the packaging (a very nice box, not some crappy used box), and Jason’s work on the project. Your case of wine will be invoiced to you by Solo Vino in the coming weeks, approximately $240 plus tax. Cases will be available for pickup starting December 11th.

Please enter a number from 1 to 100.
How shall we invoice you for the $30 per box deposit?(Required)

Happy Holidays from Twin Cities Wine Education!


  1. I like the idea of this and think the price point is somewhat reasonable (assuming the deposit counts toward the total, vs additional? I’m not quite clear) but would need an alternate (Mpls) pick-up option to be actually interested, not willing to spend over an hour round trip.

    1. Hi Mary – thanks for the questions. As stated, the $30 covers our work on the project (finding the wines, getting them in hand, making the materials, shooting the videos, packing and packaging, etc. … more work than many realize) and that money and then some is covered through the discount on the final price through Solo Vino. So the total cost is $30 (to TCWE) plus $240 (+tax) to Solo Vino, for a case that would normally be around $300+.

      We can easily arrange delivery to your address for a small charge.

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