Is this the best under-the-radar restaurant and wine by-the-glass list around?

Sometimes the stars align.

On a random Sunday afternoon, with an empty stomach and an hour to kill, I whipped out my trusty pocket computer to find out what time the well known and big name restaurants near the Galleria were done serving brunch and would start to serve lunch and dinner.

“Restaurants near me” showed the destinations I had in mind, but on the top of the list and with the best reviews was the Cahill Bistro in Edina.

When I say “in Edina” the natural assumption is that I’m talking about either the Southdale/Galleria area or 50th and France. But no, this is off-the-beaten-path Edina, and a section of town I was very familiar with having grown up here in the 1970s and 80s (yes, I’m a cake eater).

The Cahill Bistro is tucked into a strange building between a Domino’s Pizza and Asia House Chinese. It’s just off 70th street and Cahill Avenue in Southwest Edina. Blink and you’ll miss it.

Upon walking in (we entered accidentally through the back door) we were met with the most glorious aromas of latin (specifically Ecuadorian and Peruvian) aromas you could imagine. Spices, mole sauces, cilantro, fire grilled meat, and aromatic vegetables and fruits. We sat down confident that we were going to have a great meal.

Then I asked for the wine list.

Take a close look at this. 24 wines by the glass!

Now not all the wines are best buys, but it’s a rock solid list that easily eclipses many other lists around town today. The best wines on the list in my opinion are:

  • Chaval Rosé of Bobal
  • Fossil Point Rosé Organic
  • What they list as the “Gruner White Blend” which just a Gruner Veltliner from a producer I forget
  • Kentia Albariño
  • Peter Zemmer Pinot Grigio (exceptional wine)
  • Gulp Hablo Verdejo (a super cool natural wine)
  • Three Zinfandel (made by Matt Cline)
  • Cuma Malbec
  • Rosario Vera Tempranillo (serious Tempranillo!)
  • 1448 Jeff Runquist Red Blend (Minnesota connections and oh so smoooooth)
Not fancy stemware, but perfectly reasonable in my opinion and a good sized pour.
(note that I had consumed quite a bit of this glass before snapping the shot)

And then the food! The flavors of Ecuador and Peru. Lots of meat and seafood options, plus amazing vegetarian dishes. Everything from scratch!

The poblano pepper was a huge hit.

This is a family-run operation, founded by three brothers that worked in many kitchens around town before learning enough to open their own place. Talking with our server it was obvious how hard they work and how much pride they are taking in the operation.

Go to the Cahill Bistro. You will not be disappointed.

Cahill Bistro website and menu:

7078 Amundson Avenue
Edina, MN 55435
Google Map

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