Somm Gift Kit 2021: Pinot Noir Perfection

YAY! You have the 2021 Twin Cities Wine Education
Pinot Noir Somm Gift Kit!


Three fantastic wines representing three corners of the Pinot Noir world. We love every one of these wines, but for very different reasons. Let’s go to the video to learn about them!

But first, in case you have no idea who we are, here’s an introduction from us, explaining who we are and what we do:

Let’s learn about your wines!

More links for learning

DAVID DUBAND, and Burgundy

Burgundy is one of the most complicated wine regions of the world, with layer upon layer of laws and regulations that can make your head spin. One of the best overviews we’ve found can be seen here.

And here’s a good video to learn from as well!

BREA, and Monterey County of California

Two main things of note here: Brea is made in a hands off manner, a way that some would refer to as ‘natural’. It’s a controversial subject, and I have my own opinions (shocking!), but here is general overview of what is referred to when someone says “Natural Wine.”

And it’s made from grapes in Monterey County. Though this video is from 2016, it’s a good overview of what is happening in this region.

LINGA FRANCA ‘AVNI’ Pinot Noir, and Willamette Valley Oregon

Master Sommelier Larry Stone decided to roll the dice and sell his entire wine collection to make the money necessary to start Linga Franca. It was a huge gamble, but it’s paying off. Linga Franca is one of the hottest new wineries to open in the United States in the last ten years!

And if you’re REALLY into food and wine pairing science, pop the bottle and slowly sip it while watching this!

And finally…

Pinot Noir is simply the greatest wine grape in the world. No other grape brings the texture, beauty, elegance, and food pairing ability of Pinot Noir. Take your time and stand in awe of the mysteries of Pinot Noir.

Thank you! Enjoy your wines!

Jason and Angela Kallsen

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