Somm Gift Kit 2021: Dare to Be Different / Under The Radar Gems


You have the 2021 Twin Cities Wine Education Dare to Be Different (Hidden Gems of the Wine World) Somm Kit!

This is our favorite topic in wine … the island of the misfit toys! The overlooked gems that don’t get the love they deserve. The wines that have gigantic bang-for-the-buck but unless you have trusted Somm friend to lead you to them, you may never find them.

First, in case you have no idea who we are, here’s an introduction from us, explaining who we are and what we do:

Let’s learn about your wines!

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NEW YORK RIESLING and the Finger Lakes District

Located in far northern New York, the Finger Lakes have created a distinctive micro-climate that makes world class wines, especially from the Riesling grape. Other varieties that work well here are Cabernet Franc, Pinot Noir, and Chardonnay. The history of the region is fascinating, and I highly recommend a wine trip there before the rest of the wine world discovers them.

Below is one of the best wine videos around. The V is for Vino channel is one you MUST subscribe to!


When you’re talking about Austrian wine, the grape varieties are unknown to many. Gruner Veltliner, for one, and Blaufrankish for another. These grapes make stunning wines that are just now starting to have inroads to the American wine consumer.


Petite Verdot and Petite Sirah are both dark, rich, full bodied wines that are ideal for winter drinking. Combine them, and you get a big wine indeed, with tons of texture and richness.

Here’s Gary V talking (as always, very excitedly) about Petite Verdot:

And here’s an episode from The Unknown Winecaster (good to subscribe to) all about Petite Sirah:

Thank you, everyone! Enjoy your wines!

Jason and Angela Kallsen

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