Somm Kit Page: I Want Me Some TUSCANY!

Oh how we love (make that LOVE!) Tuscany! The people, the hills, the food, and of course the wines. Tuscany is a vast majority red wine, and a vast majority of that is based on Sangiovese, but we’ve included one amazing white here along with a Super Tuscan style blend (that has Merlot, Cabernet, and Syrah in it along with Sangiovese).

All of these wine represent what we love to support: family farmers, the little guy, top quality, and sustainable/organic farming practices. In addition, as we mention in the video, I find a purity to these wines that is simply enchanting as can be. Drinking them is like listening to an amazingly talented musician that you happen upon on a street corner in New Orleans, where passion and talent are presented without expectation 

Let’s get to it!


Video: Tuscany Somm Kit

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Thanks again, everyone! Enjoy your wines!

Jason and Angela Kallsen
Co-owners, Twin Cities Wine Education

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