Somm Kit Page: Mary Taylor Imports

THANK YOU for investing in this Somm Kit! We think you’re going to really enjoy these wines, for they represent everything we want to support: artisan farming, hands on winemaking, curated importation, and simply stunning juice. Let’s get to it!  

This is an outstanding and fun collection of wines. Mary Taylor has an interesting background, which you can read about in this article from PunchDrink magazine: Natural Wine, But Make It Normcore.

The Mary Taylor website has tons of info for browsing and learning about all of these selections. She’s also made very good tech sheets, designed for sales reps when they take the wines out to restaurants and retailers to sell. Hint: type your favorite wine into Google and add “tech sheet” or “tech sheet PDF” and see what comes up.

Here are links to the tech sheets on all the Somm Kit wines. (Note if the vintage on the sheet doesn’t quite match your wines, don’t worry. These tech sheets are more about telling the story of the families and the place.)

More links for learning

Winesearcher articles on regions: Gaillac, Valençay, Anjou, and Buzet

If you’re looking for a good overview on Bordeaux, here’s one for you from Wine Folly.

We mentioned the Pea Bruschetta recipe that we love so much. Easy as can be, and a must have during the summer months. If you’re going to a picnic or a party and you’re supposed to bring a dish, do this! 

Lastly: why do importers matter? Here are some good articles that address this question:

Thanks again, everyone! Enjoy your wines!

Jason and Angela Kallsen
Co-owners, Twin Cities Wine Education

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