We offer curated collections of wines called the Somm Kits, a little collection of wines in a theme that come with a TON of education.

But Twin Cities Wine Education is not a wine retailer and we don’t actually sell you the wine.

Let me detail how this works.

The ‘buy-in’ for a Somm Kit is only $12. That cost is fully offset (and then some) by the pricing that we negotiate on your behalf on both the wholesaler and retailer ends.

So what does that $12 get you? Several important things.

  • A discount on the six-pack that makes up for the $12 ‘buy-in,’ and then some.
  • A 30+ minute video explaining all the wines as we taste through them, helping you figure out when you want to pop them and how best to enjoy.
  • Entertaining and detailed notes on all the wines, written by me with independence and personal opinions, on what the wine is and what to do with it. These notes are in a fun “cellar tag” format for you.
  • Links, articles, maps, and more to learn all about the particular subject.
  • Access to over 25 years of independent sommelier wine experience to make a curated collection that is all about bang for the buck.
  • I don’t sell wine, I sell knowledge and learning. Therefore there’s no ‘sales pitch’ on the selections … they are simply some of the best wines I find in a given category.

Upon purchase of the educational content, we forward your name and contact info to the retailer. They will reach out to you regarding your wines, and can arrange for pick up, delivery, or shipping.

Once your ‘buy-in’ order is placed at The Wine Workshop, you receive an email with the link to the info page, and we forward your order to our partner wine shop who will contact you to complete the transaction. We work mainly with North Loop Wine and Spirits in Minneapolis, Minnesota for order fulfillment, but you can choose any independent wine retailer in Minnesota for your kit (just email us when placing your order … note that we cannot guarantee availability of all the products if you go through another retailer).

Shipping is often available for those outside of Minnesota.

Sommelier and wine educator Jason Kallsen hand picks every wine in the Somm Kits.

Over two decades of independence in the wine world, with no financial ties to any importer, wholesaler, or retailer, allows us to use our knowledge of trends, hot producers, great winemakers, vintages, and styles to curate a six-pack of wine around a particular theme, and negotiate a great price for you.

The wholesalers love it because it moves cases of wine. The retailers love it because it’s a sale for them with no extra work other than packing the wine up. The consumer loves it because it brings great wine at a great price to your doorstep.

But wait! There’s more!

Each Somm Survival Kit includes instant access to a page on our site detailing the wines. You’ll get notes on the wine that you can cut out and hang from the bottles, with explanations of what the wine is and what to do with it. You’ll also get a video with me explaining each wine in detail so you can pop it at the right time and for the right reasons. Plus you’ll get links and articles galore to learn more about the topic.

It’s a win-win-win for everyone involved.

Examples of past Somm Kits:

“Springtime Grilling” featuring high toned whites and chillable reds.
“Exploring Tuscany” featuring a range of wines from basic Chianti to Super Tuscan.
The Somm Kits, packed up and ready to roll at North Loop Wine and Spirits