The best NEW way to fill your wine shelf!  

Sommelier curated collections with comprehensive wine education.

Somm Kits are a collection of wines, curated by us, always supporting smaller, family-run, and environmentally conscious producers. We use our connections with the best small wholesalers and importers to find the gems in their warehouses, then negotiate an awesome price for you. 

Are you looking for your Somm Kit info (videos, cellar tags, and more)? There are three easy ways to access your content (must be logged into your account):

  1. Visit our News/Blog page and find your Somm Kit.
  2. Visit your purchased content page to see the link.
  3. Follow the link on your receipt.

Each Somm Kit comes with a 30+ minute video of us tasting through and detailing the selections, plus links, cellar tags, maps, and more. A full education in one nice package.

The price below reflects the purchase of our educational materials, which is offset by the discounts we have arranged at the retailer. Some are offered with ‘free access’ with our payment built into the final price at the wine retailer. 

Learn more about the Somm Kits, how it works with the wine retailer, how you get your wine, and more at Somm Kits Explained.