A big part of what we do at Twin Cities Wine Education is hunt for special wines that we can then offer to you through our Special Offers. The TCWE Special Offers are sold through Solo Vino Wine Shop, 517 Selby Avenue, Saint Paul, MN 55102.

Because of our decades-long relationship with the local wine community, we have access to all the boutique wine warehouses of the wholesalers and importers. We regularly scour their inventory with a glass in hand, sometimes finding wines they didn’t even know they had, and then Solo Vino can offer them to you at great prices.

We release the Special Offers through our email list. Not on our email list? Join here!

It becomes a win-win for all. The wholesalers and importers sell more wine and move inventory through, one of our top independent and locally-owned wine shops is supported through your purchase, and you get to stock up your cellar with gems that you may not have ever known about otherwise.

Additionally, we keep our comprehensive information on the wines on our website. Even years down the line, type in a wine that you got through the TCWE Special Offers and read up before you pop the cork!

NOTE: All TCWE offers are sold through Solo Vino Wine Shop, 517 Selby Avenue, Saint Paul MN 55102.