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Maribeth L.

When I first retired I took a class on how to have a Happy Retirement. It was the most terrible class I have ever taken. My next class was a once a week 4 week class on wine taught by Jason. I have been happy ever since and have probably taken another 5-6 four week classes from Jason over the last few years. He exudes excitement about wine.

In his classes one has fun and also increases their knowledge, understanding and appreciation for wine. Now when I look at a wine menu I am very comfortable ordering a wine to pair with what I am eating. He uses a variety of media formats to help you learn about wine. The most important thing is as he is teaching you about wine you are also tasting some excellent wine. His students always leave class with a smile on their face.

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Randy B.

We were absolute wi-ne-o-phytes when a couple of friends introduced us to Jason’s TCWE classes and in-restaurant events, which opened up a whole new world of interesting experiences. We now enjoy browsing wine shops, trying new wines, and anticipating – rather than declining – a restaurant wine list. His classes are as much about regional history, geography, and culture as they are about the juice, thus his Tuscany and Piedmont classes made our Italy trip far more enjoyable. Thanks, TCWE!

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We have taken several of Jason’s classes through the University, several of the one time classes on Saturday as well as several of his wine dinners. What I most appreciate about the classes is that they are so approachable. You learn not just about the grapes, but the winemaking process, the country they come from, the history of the country as it applies to the winemaking. After you take the class you find visiting a wine store or ordering wine with a dinner so much less intimidating.

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I have known Jason for over 15 years … From the beginning, his commitment to wine and his capacity to sharing his enthusiasm and learning have been clear. He is not full of himself in any way, never talks down–simply wants to share his passion.

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