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Hi everyone –

It’s that time of year again — MY FAVORITE HOLIDAY! Eating, drinking, laughing, what more could we ever ask for?

Before we get into the wine picks (in both 4pk and 6pk format), be sure to download Angela’s famous cranberry sauce recipe. It’s simply the best.

However, the caveat (which many of you know about): cranberry sauce, wether our homemade variety or simply gel out of a can, is a WINE KILLER. Nothing will destroy the flavor a wine faster than cranberry sauce. We do encourage you to taste test it with your wine as an experiment towards the end of the meal, and have water nearby to correct the carnage.

Angela and I are of two camps when it comes to this. She keeps lots of water nearby and whenever she has a bit of cranberry sauce she downs a bunch of water (which also helps with hydration). I do things differently, keeping cranberry sauce on the side to enjoy AFTER the meal and wine, but BEFORE the dessert. It’s kinda like having an intermezzo course at a fancy fancy restaurant.

Here ya go (download the recipe here, which also comes with our green bean casserole recipe!):

A four pack of wine, or a six pack with a Belgian Ale and a Cider!

Thanksgiving is all about gathering around the table, and if it’s a table of wine lovers the four pack has you covered. We have a great White Bordeaux to sip during the set up, and three stunning wines (a dry Riesling, a Dornfelder, and a domestic Gamay) for the meal.

But if you have more than wine drinkers around your table, the six pack adds the GREATEST Belgian Ale I’ve ever had, along with a top notch locally made cider.

Me and Chuck step through the selections

Final thoughts

You don’t need to break the bank for great Thanksgiving wines. This selection proves it. All are stellar products that support small producers, overdeliver in every sense possible, and will make Thanksgiving 2023 the best yet.


Jason Kallsen
Sommelier and founder/owner of Twin Cities Wine Education

Offer and special pricing are available through Sunday, or as inventory lasts

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