The Beaujolais Nouveau to drink in 2020

As promised in the Twin Cities Wine Podcast, here is the info on the wine I suggest you seek out for Nouveau 2020 drinking!

It’s the Terres Dorees “L’Ancien” by Jean Paul Brun.

Why am I suggesting this particular wine?

  1. It’s made using traditional/classic winemaking methods, not simple carbonic maceration like so many other Nouveau.
  2. It’s made from old vines from organic vineyards.
  3. It’s made with natural yeast, not the ‘bubble gum’ yeasts of other Nouveau.
  4. It’s made with minimal SO2 at bottling.
  5. It’s a natural gem that really gives you a sense of what “real deal” Beaujolais Nouveau should taste like.

It will be arriving in stores hopefully on November 24th. It’s been delayed in arrival due to the screwed up nature of logistics in this time of the pandemic.

The main stores in the Twin Cities that will have it are: France 44, South Lyndale Liquors, Solo Vino, Thomas Liquors, Cork Dork Wine Company, and Top Ten (all locations, I think).



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