The Vino Manifesto

Vinomanifesto_cover_125wIn early 2011 I found myself in San Francisco for a weekend with no agenda other than to eat great food and drink great wines.

I stayed at the SW Hotel (otherwise known as the Sam Wong Hotel), which enabled me to walk to Chinatown in about 30 seconds, walk to North Beach for authentic Italian food in about 30 seconds, and be browsing at City Lights Bookstore in about 10 seconds.  I’m not making those times up, check out their location, and I highly recommend the SW Hotel for all the right reasons: perfect location, clean and quiet, decent free breakfast with good coffee, and only $99 a night when I visited (which was also Chinese New Year, so I expected it to cost more).  It says something about the quietness of a hotel when you are located right on the edge of Chinatown and I slept peacefully through the firecracker-laden celebration outside.

I’ll write more about that weekend in due time (I hit about ten great restaurants and wine bars over the course of 48 hours), but what I’m most proud of is what I created during the mornings.  I found great coffee shops in North Beach, opened my Mac, and got to work on The Vino Manifesto, which has been rolling around in my head for the better part of a year.

This is a collection of my ideas on wine, and I’ll be using this guide as a source for trying to get some new energy into the Twin Cities wine scene, which I think is badly needed.  But even without that lofty goal, I think it’s simply a darn good read, and I’m proud of it.

The Vino Manifesto is free and I hope you enjoy it.  Just click “Add to cart” to start the free download process (securely administered by

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