The Best Carignan Available Today! (only here, only now)

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Hi everyone –

Every now and then an exclusive offer comes to us out of the blue and makes us ask “Why is this wine not everywhere right now?” The answers to that question can be complicated, from lack of inventory or availability, to the local distributor simply not informing their sales staff that a certain product is in stock. Regardless, it sometimes happens.

But rarely does it happen for a wine that was in the Wine Spectator Top 100 just a few months ago! (It was wine #44 for 2023.) The first and only availability of this wine in Minnesota is right here, right now. It’s nowhere else.

This is something special. A “Vigno!”

Vigno stands for Vignadores de Carignan and is an association of producers whose goal is to create an appellation of origin for wines made from old Carignan vines that have been dry-farmed and bush-trained in the Maule Secano area of Chile.

Carignan has been an important grape in this region for hundreds of years, but started to get pushed out in the 20th century as demand for more bold and international grapes (especially Merlot and Cabernet) grew.

The members of the Vignadores de Carignan all pay dues to the association while agreeing to specific rules:

  • The grapes must be from dry-farmed, goblet or bush trained vines that are at least 30 years old and located in the area known as Maule Secano.
  • 70% or more of the blend must be Carignan (this has just changed from 65%); the other grapes must meet the same criteria as the Carignan grapes.
  • The wine must be aged for a minimum of two years.
  • The word “Vigno” with its defined font must be prominent on the label.
  • The label cannot include the terms “Reserva” or “Gran Reserva” but it can say “Old Vines” and/or “Dry-farmed.”

Some of the gnarliest vines on the planet are the Carignan vines of Maule Secano!

2018 Miguel Torres VIGNO Carignan

This wine is spectacular.

It’s not full bodied. It’s not light bodied. It’s firmly medium bodied.

It has the ripeness of a new-world wine, with loads of red raspberry and peppery spice along with complex aromatics of bay leaf, dried oak, and a wee touch of something oregano-like. An incredible wine to smell.

Then on the palate it has the minerality and acidity of a European wine, with a lip-smacking finish. It’s extremely firm in style, and delicious.

It’s a wine begging for food. Don’t just pop it on it’s own. I can’t imagine a better wine with slow roasted meats or even BBQ ribs. Try it out with Mexican cuisine, Thai dishes, or classic American pot roast.

Learn more about Carignan: Winesearcher, Wine Folly.

Buying advice

We’ve priced this wine in three tiers: one bottle, three bottles, and six bottles (which results in the best pricing). Even at the single bottle pricing, this wine overdelivers in a HUGE WAY, and will bring you joyful sipping for years.

At this moment, this wine is only available here and now in this TCWE offer through Solo Vino. If we sell all the inventory, that is it!

Thank you!

Jason Kallsen
Sommelier and founder/owner of Twin Cities Wine Education

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